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A case study of the perceived decision-making practices and patterns of secondary administrators using four scenarios Elizabeth M. Tuten
University of South Florida

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A Case Study of the Perceived Decision-Making Practices and Patterns of Secondary Administrators Using Four Scenarios


Elizabeth M. Tuten

A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Education Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies College of Education University of South Florida

Major Professor: Carol A. Mullen, Ph.D. Patricia L. Daniel, Ph.D. Steven Permuth, Ed.D. Arthur S. Shapiro, Ph.D.

Date of Approval: April 18, 2006

Keywords: decision-making models, administration, qualitative, interviews, framework © Copyright 2006, Elizabeth M. Tuten


Without my husband Paul, this dissertation would not have been possible. His guidance and support have been invaluable throughout the research and writing of this dissertation.


I want to thank the members of my dissertation committee for their support and guidance throughout this dissertation: Dr. Carol A. Mullen, Dr. Patricia L. Daniel, Dr. Steven Permuth, and Dr. Arthur S. Shapiro. I wish to express my special appreciation to Dr. Carol A. Mullen, my major professor, for her support, dedication, and guidance during the entire process. Without her continuous encouragement, this process would have taken much longer. Her dedication to her students in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies department at the University of South Florida has been truly inspirational. I also want to thank my parents for their constant support of my professional goals. They have always believed in me; this is just the beginning of my journey. I wish to thank them for always being there along the way.

Table of Contents

List of Tables List of Figures Abstract Chapter One- Introduction Overview Purpose and Focus of Study Theoretical Model: Pettigrew’s (1985) Conceptual Framework of Organizational Change Problem and Rationale of Study Research Questions Significance of Study Operational Descriptions Summary Chapter Two- Literature Review Introduction Conceptual Framework: Decision-Making in Educational Administration The Content: Decision Situations The Process: Decision-Making Models The Classical or Traditional Model i

v vi vii 1 3 4

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17 19 21 22

Satisficing Strategy The Incremental Model Mixed-Scanning Model The Garbage Can Model A Political Model of Decision-Making An Ethical Model of Decision-Making Summary The Context: Decision-Makers and Stakeholders Summary Chapter Three- Methodology Qualitative Research Design Research Participants: Principals, Assistant Principals of Curriculum, and Assistant Principals for Student Affairs Data Collection Techniques Demographic Survey/Decision-Making Survey for Administrators Semi-Structured Schedule of Questions for Administrative Interviews Instrument Pilot Data Collection Procedures Assumptio ns Ethical Considerations Data Analysis Procedures Internal Validity External Validity Limitations of Study Summary ii

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59 59 61 62 64 66 67 67 68 69 70 70 72...
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