Decision in Paradise

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Decision in Paradise

By | May 2007
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By definition (1): "Research is the colleting of the information about particular

subjectt". Research is an important tool for all field of study. Today research have

been used widely in every study field, from scientific to journalist, from

laboratory to manufactory. For marketing their new products, a company would do

the research on a similar products, then convince consumer why their products are

better. A scientist would do the research for his or her projects. The weather man

would do the research for weather data. There are many forms and methods of

research, and people are using them in different way depend on what they are

study on. By research men gain more knowledge, and knowledge is a po wer. On

this paper I will concentrate on "What Is The Research Paper and how to

write it."


" Research paper is apiece of academic writing that requires a more abstract,

critical, and thoughtful level of inquiry than you might use to." (2). On a research

paper, you are using relevant information from expert sources, then comparing

their thoughts on the topic of your own. There are two main types of research

paper. Analytical and Argumentative.


"Analytical paper is the used of evident to analyze facet of an issue" (2). In this,

your task is to survey the information and views already out there then used your

critical thinking, reading and evaluating the resource to support your topic. Your

finished paper should be a presentation of your own thinking, back-up by the

ideas of information of other in t he field.


"Argumantative paper is the used of...

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