Deception Point

Topics: Fiction, Science fiction, Novel Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: July 13, 2008
In my career as a reader, if I have to choose the best book I have ever read then I will definitely go for ‘Deception Point’(Written by Dan Brown) because of its complexity of the plot and interesting combination of many themes, which contain politics, science, drama and reality. I started reading short stories and graphic books at young age, which were mainly comic books, sci-fi, and science fictions and in later years I started taking interest in more complex and skilled literatures. I have came across many interesting titles, which include ‘Dune’ (Frank Herbert), ‘Gangster’ (Lorenzo Carcaterra), ‘Throwaway daughter’ (Ting-xing Ye) etc. Deception Point is considered as one of the best work of Dan Brown, and it grabbed me by my throat from the first chapter. It was fast-paced, pulse quickening, thundering and tantalizing experience for me.

Firstly, I have been attracted to the novels based on science fiction from the beginning of my reading career. Deception Point proved to be much more than a science fiction. Author makes resemblance between reality and fiction, and it makes the fiction believable. The plot of the novel plays around the new discovery made by NASA on the Arctic glaciers, which proves the existence of extraterrestrial life. The information on this discovery was revised by a special squad made of professional and experienced people, which contained the protagonist, Rachel Sexton, who is the daughter of the president’s opponent in election. They found out that there was no truth behind this discovery and information gathered by NASA was faulty. It was a plan, made to help build NASA’s broken reputation. This faulty discovery was defended by the major politics and well armed Delta Force. The fear of revealing the truth to the people led Delta Force to eliminate members of special squad, and the conflict reveals many unknown mysteries and political relationships. The novel has enough twists, surprises and information to make me keep turning pages...
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