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The Benefits of Decentralization

In a democracy, opposition political parties and the party in power have the duty and obligation to educate and inform its citizens the basic principles of democracy. Unfortunately, this has not been the case with political parties in our country.

The Citizens Democratic Party would like to end this retrogressive culture and usher in a culture that will build citizens knowledge, skills and ability to participate, to advocate and to hold government officials accountable. Once citizens understand the basic principles of democracy, citizens are able to play their part actively and effectively at all levels of government.

The vision of the Citizens Democratic Party state that we Put People First in a decentralized national government system that will be compatible with an economy that will guarantee Zambians a life of hope, freedom, and opportunity. It is important, therefore, that our citizens know the Benefits of Decentralization to appreciate the need to decentralize the governance system in our country now.

a. Decentralization, including substantial fiscal decentralization, provides a framework which facilitates and stimulates local sustainable development throughout the country.
Fiscal decentralization will reverse current practice which extracts resources from the periphery and concentrates these at the centre. Thus more resources will be retained at the local level, and will help to enhance or stimulate local economies and be available to support local development initiatives.

b. Decentralization represents the most effective means of curbing excessive concentration of power by the central government, which is a distinctive feature of the existing governance model, and which is inimical to several basic tenets of good governance, e.g. openness, transparency, fairness and probity.

Conferring power to local jurisdictions to manage local affairs will make it more difficult for any...
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