Deceleration of Independence Letter

Topics: George III of the United Kingdom, Thirteen Colonies, Tears Pages: 3 (984 words) Published: December 19, 2012
July 7, 1776
Dear Diary,
I have never seen so many people cry in the town square at once, but not everyone was crying though. If they were not crying, they had no expression at all. Those who were crying were not weeping bitter tears. These tears falling down the faces of usually joyous people, associated with a smile or at least a smirk, were sweet tears indicating all the changes for the better that have just been made. Being independent is more then just a privilege, but almost a once in a lifetime opportunity. We are the baby bird who is being let fly on its own. Our mother is letting us leave our home alone. Our father is letting us make our own decisions in life. We will be on our own together, or never face things alone.

I am not yet sure of my opinion on whether this decision was the wise one. These tears of joy may brighten the mood and exchange themselves with the sour ones in which slowly drenched all the innocent faces beforehand, but they do not change the fact that if all does not end well, the sour tears will reappear and refuse to leave. I am worried that we may loose the war because there is only about a ¼ chance of us winning this war against Britain. We didn’t even have an army until June 14, 1775. We are a newborn child fighting against its own mother. Fortunately, we have a bit more effort put into this then a newborn does, so were have a much increased chance of winning this argument. If we do reach the cloud way up in the ski in which we keep looking at as we dream into the nights, we will be able to say we are a free country, and the best one there is. This high stretch to reach this one star in the sky will be so rewarding that we will be able to lie down and know our star has been claimed; fore nobody else may take it away. This will be the best nation anyone has ever seen if we win, and we plan to keep it that was for the rest of our new country’s existence. We will decide of our wrong doings and adjust them to improve...
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