Decathlon China Will Be Able to Increase Its Sales Above Industry Growth Rate

Topics: Advertising, Social media, Bulletin board system Pages: 3 (946 words) Published: December 19, 2012
“Decathlon China will be able to increase its sales above industry growth rate” Decathlon produces and sells a wide range of sport products and the company is the largest sporting goods retailer in Europe. Also, the company has grown into a large multinational corporation. In the past, Decathlon relied on traditional media to promote its brand. In contrast to the competition, Decathlon has fewer resources to TV advertising campaigns and has not used high profile celebrities as spokespeople. The company has focused a smaller marketing budget on a targeted marketing strategy aimed at specific key customer groups, has also placed advertisements for new products and promotions in local newspaper and flyers distributed by mail. In 2011, Decathlon began to take notice of competitors’ aggressive moves in publishing online sales and then worried that would be left behind if it didn’t enhance its online presence. They decided to change their marketing strategy. Already Decathlon China has internet presence this is not efficient nearby their competitors. They needed to attract the potential target customers to their online store. First of all, they establish an online branded Decathlon store under the largest Chinese online shopping portal named This website provides customer support by online messaging system and facilitates connection to online shoppers. Decathlon’s store Taobao opened in March 2010. The online sales increased steadily after opening and after that they started to research social media platforms in China. is an online social media network who target white-collar workers. is also an online social media network and targets the college students. Both of these social networks are welcome companies to use their websites to create their own individual profiles where they can interact with customers and make announcements. Similar to Facebook advertisements, they are displayed on individual profile pages. The cost of these...
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