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Descartes Disclosure on the Method Part IV
The Disclosure on the Method is an autobiographical and philosophical treatise published in 1637 by Rene Descartes. This paper will discuss section four of Descartes Disclosure on Method, Proof of God and the Soul, and the surprise ending of the reading selection. The author does an excellent job in convincing the reader to accept the validity of the surprise ending (, 2012). The Surprise Ending and Validity

At the beginning of the selection, Descartes leads the reader to believe that there was no supreme being and that all thoughts were individual thoughts, and not the truth. In the beginning of this section Descartes doubted his thoughts, dreams, and his own existence. Descartes comes to realize further in the reading that things conceived by him and other individual’s thought out clearly is necessary or true. In this section were it becomes clear to the reader that the end of the reading will differ from the beginning. As a general rule individuals may assume that things conceived very clear and distinct are true, keeping in mind the difficulty in ascertaining the thoughts or information that individuals distinctly conceive. The end of the reading convinces the reader to believe the existence of God. Descartes proof of God must be noted as not being satisfying or original. Descartes argued in a circle later in discussion when he proclaimed that God confirms the truth of distinct and clear perceptions. In this statement it is implied that distinct and clear perceptions would not exist in the world without God. What is suggested at the beginning of this section was not the end result. The author was successful in encouraging the reader to accept the validity of the book. The realization that God exist became sympathetic to distinct and clear perception to that affect (Sayre, 2012). Conclusion

Descartes challenges his own reason and reasoning itself by applying the method to itself. Descartes...
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