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Question: Some historians think cultures and styles follow cycles like organisms consisting of youth, maturity, decline or decadence, and finally extinction. Looking at the evolution of Romanesque Architecture to late Gothic Architecture, what can be gained from seeing these developments this way? How can you prove or disprove, support or refute with such an interpretation.

“Cultures and styles follow cycles like organisms consisting of youth, maturity, decline or decadence, and finally extinction.”

The birth of Romanesque Architecture is derived from Roman Architecture, with the primary characteristic of rounded arches, barrel vault, order and dome, and basilica plan. Romanesque architecture has characteristic of thick walls and sturdy piers, it designed with clear defined forms and symmetrical plan. Overall this style appeared to be very simple, sold and strength. Looking at Speyer Cathedral in Speyer, German, 1030 as an early example it was known as the finest Romanesque monument. The building featured with barrel vault and decorated it arcading with a row of small rounded arches, it also built with tower. The eastern apsidal ended showing an encircling gallery surrounded with columns.

Romanesque Architecture has developed and separated into first Romanesque architecture and Norman Architecture. Just like human as we grow up and become more mature, we retain our personality but gradually developed more distinction from the others. The First Romanesque architecture contained the characteristics of rubble walls, smaller windows and non-vaulted roof which in contrast Romanesque architecture had increased the use of vault and dressed stone. Building San Pietro in Agliate, 875 is one of the examples of first Romanesque architecture. As we can see the thick external wall is covered by rubbles, with small rounded arch windows. The other type of Romanesque architecture is in England which known as Norman architecture. The distinctive characteristics of...
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