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Costs: Debutantes $330 Partners $220 Debutantes: Deposit of $200 Partners: Deposit of $100 and the remainder of payments at the following scheduled meeting approximately in 5 – 6 months Cheques are made payable to RMS Debutante Presentations Inclusive are: dance lessons, meals and ticket for Debs & Partners, DVD for debs & partners, flowers, certificates, suit hire & flowers for mothers, gifts & flowers for dance teacher(s) & special guests. Fresh flowers such as liliums, orchids, roses and gerbras are used in posies as seen in gallery photos online. All 6 rehearsals run for approximately 3 hours up to twice a week over 4 - 6 weeks prior to the ball Tickets Price: $80 all inclusive of 5 courses with alcohol [subject to change if the Reception Centre increases its prices] D’Mello Photography Photos will be charged at $70 for approximately 70 - 80 photos taken professionally and placed on a CD for you to print the photos at your leisure through any retail outlet at a discount price. Photographs taken cost less than $1 per professional photo, taken throughout the entire day including family photos that evening. This money is not collected until the first rehearsal. [subject to change with a slight increase of $10 for 2012] Check out the website for photos that have been uploaded to the gallery or on Facebook to keep up with the latest news about RMS and your special …..night to remember… If you should have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me. I have listed my details below. Rosanna Michelle Sarpi (03) 9394 8589 0413 913 705

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