Debut Albums and Pure Adrenaline Rush

Topics: Debut albums, National Film Registry, Ayumi Hamasaki Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Keagan Neveling 14/09/2011
Grade 10PEnglish Essay

Pure adrenaline rush! Pure energy! It was now or never! This was the opportunity I had been waiting for! It was time for action. It was a cold day. The wind was blowing, the trees swaying from side to side. It was time for me to conquer my fears. Although I did not know it, I was about to begin an adventure that would push my companions and I to our limits. The day had just begun. My alarm clock was ringing and the birds were chirping. It seemed like it was going to be a fantastic day. The sun was out; there was not a breath of wind. I fled from my bed so I would not miss a moment of the beautiful day Mother Nature had been kind enough to share. I devoured my breakfast like it was my last and turned on the television. It was a magnificent day but little did I know that on this day I would take part in an event that would push me to my limits. And that’s when I noticed the branches of the trees starting to sway rhythm with the wind. I thought to myself, surely this cannot be. In an instant there were clouds on the horizon. I did not believe my eyes. The weather had changed instantaneously changed. It was now a cold, miserable and windy day. Then I saw her standing in the distance. She told me she was going to take me to a place of adventure, somewhere where I could overcome my fears and attempt something that only few had dared. She took me to this place. It was not scary, not intimidating. In fact it was extremely inviting. There were people eating foods at the gorgeous restaurants. While admiring this concrete jungle known as the Moses Madibha Stadium I realised I was no longer afraid. I was wrong. I was going to be going to be going face to face with my greatest fear. I was going to be jumping off this jungle. Papers were signed, my harness firmly secured around my waist. It was time to begin my voyage. The only thing that would be keeping me apart from the ground was an ordinary rope. I convinced...
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