Debut Albums and Grendel

Topics: Grendel, Debut albums, Truth Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Chapter 1 Aries, the Ham
Describe Grendels mother and his relationships with her
Grendel mother is an ugly, smelly beast who Grendel resents and yet loves in a dependent, childish way. She cannot speak; she tries to communicate with his son by caressing and holding him. And at times she would go too far and suffocated him. She helpless at times she has to wait for him to bring her food, but when Grendel needs her, he cries like baby, and usually she saves him. She is also fierce and terrifying. Grendel sets himself apart from his mother according to him she does not think coherently. He believes he above her. He thinks of her as a fool. “Life-bloated, baffled, long-suffering, hag. Guilty, she imagines, of some unremembered, perhaps ancestral crime.” Chapter 2 Taurus, the Bull

Explain what Grendel mean when says, “I create the whole universe, blink by blink.”

When Grendel says, "I create the whole universe, blink by blink" he means that he is the only one who exist in the world. That everything changes according to the way he see things and no one else. Grendel is starting to be aware of the fact that he does not need the rest of the world but himself to survive. When he was hanging on the tree no one helped not even his own mother; that’s when he says, “I understood that, finally and absolutely, I alone exist." Through his mother did safe him deep down inside he alone and wishes he wasn’t alone.

Chapter 3 Gemini, the Twins
Why is Grendel so impressed and affected by the shaper? Why does he fear Shaper Grendel is so impressed by the shaper because his words are poetic. They have the ability to change persuade. Grendel knows the truth yet when he hears the shaper's tales, he questions his very own perception of the truth. The shaper changes "dry sticks to gold". He knows that the shaper is lying, but his stories are addictive. Grendel knows that Hrothgar's men are aware of the truth, but choose to...
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