Debut Albums and Cue Card

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Speaking test
- What is your full name?
- Can I see your ID, please?
- Where are you from?
- Do you live in a house or an apartment?
- Which part of your house do you like the most? Why?
- What makes your house pleasant?
- Do you like sports?
- Describe the kind of spots people do in your country. Why? - Have you ever tried any sport?
- Do you think sport affects the person doing it?
- Is there any sport you would like to try?
Cue Card
Describe how you usually communicate with your friends. Please say: - Are you communicating by phone, letters or e-mails?
- What are the advantages and disadvantages of these ways?
- Do your friends agree with this way of communication?
- Which way do they prefer?
- Compare letter-writing nowadays and 100 years ago.
- What do you think about the future of letter-writing?
- Can you tell me your full name?
- Do you work or study?
- Would you recommend that job to others?
- What places of entertainment have you visited lately?
- What entertainment facilities are there in your city?
- What other places would you like there to be?
- Do you always take a bag with you when you go out?
- Do you always take the same bag, even to different occasions? - What is important to you when you choose a bag?
Cue Card
Talk about a book you have read and would like to read again. Please say - What book is it?
- What is it about?
- What did you learn from it?
- Explain why would you like to read it again?
- Do you think that men and women like to read the same type of books? - Do you think that reading a book is more challenging than watching a movie based on the book? - Why do you think some books become internationally popular? - Do you think it is easy to create a movie based on a book? Speaking test

- What is your full name?
- Tell me about the town you live in.
- Can you tell me about your relatives and cousins?
- Who did you like the most from your relatives as a child?
Cue Card
Describe the journey you were on as a child. Please say:
- Where did you go?
- Who was there with you?
- How was that journey?
- Why do you still remember that journey?
- What benefits can a person get when they travel?
- What are the ways of traveling in your country?
- Do you think travel will change in the next 50 years?
- What is your full name?
- What is your hometown?
- How big is your family?
- What job do you do?
- What type of clothes do you prefer?
Cue Card
Talk about any historical event. Please say
- What was the event?
- Where did it take place?
- When did it occur?
- How does the history affect us?
- Have you ever been to a museum?
- What did you learn from it?
- Should museums be free for everyone?
- What should people send to a museum in the future?
- What is your full name?
- Where do you prefer to live, in a house or a flat? Why?
- What is your favorite place in your house? Why?
Cue Card
Describe a beautiful place of nature that you want to visit. Please say - Where is it?
- Whom are you going with?
- What can you see there?
- How can we preserve places of natural beauty?
- How can we protect places of natural beauty?
- Do you agree that mining should be prohibited in these areas? - How can we stop people from destroying these places?
- How can we add more natural beauty to the city?
Speaking test
- What is your full name?
- Do you work or study?
- Why have you chosen your area of studies?
- Do you buy clothes over the internet?
- What is your favorite style?
- Is fashion becoming more important nowadays?
Cue Card
Describe your favorite TV show that you enjoy watching regularly. Please say - What is it about?
- When is it shown?
- Why do you like it?
- Is TV losing its popularity to online broadcasting? Why?
- Are there any advantages of TV for lonely people?
- Are there any dangers of TV for...
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