Debrifing Case

Topics: Need to know Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Debriefing Report
Kaimana Hindman-Vaughn
Criminal Justice Communications
Everest Online

Agent Horowitz just received a phone call from Supervisor Agent Fallon that Mr. Alex Rosamilla is in state custody for transporting 100 kilos of cocaine. He is now being transferred into federal custody. Supervisor Fallon asks Agent Horowitz to debrief Mr. Rosamilla at the federal court house.

I sat down to talk to Mr. Alex; “You know what I am here to do right?” he just sat there and nodded, soon after he said “I’ll tell you everything you need to know, if you can work a deal with my sentence.” I let him know right then and there “I cannot promise anything but depending on what your able to provide us with will determine how much help I can provide for you.” Mr. Rosamilla stated “I completely understand and will do what I have to.” I asked him to start off from the beginning, who was he working for? “I got into the game when I was 15 years old, it’s all I know. I didn’t have anyone, mom and dad were on dope, I did what I had to in order to survive and maintain, and no one was feeding me or put a roof over my head. So Jason Perry approached me with “let’s get money” I was all for it! Why not, Jason Perry aka. JP, was the man in the hood back then, he took me under his wing back then and now after all the things I’ve done over the years proving my loyalty, I’m his right hand man. I’m going to need protective custody after this, no lie!!” Alex Rosamilla. I assure him that we can see where this interview goes and we can determine that after. He starts off telling me that Henderson is the main connect for California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada & Texas, and that he has multiple homes used as drug houses and several people in each state that work for him and distribute the product to the others drug dealers and homes. I ask him “Can you give us the

homes addresses and people who run them?” Mr. Rosamilla states “I could but not without...
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