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  • Published : January 16, 2012
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Business Communication Pest Analysis ofDebenhams|
Burcu Misir 3021110|


All companies and organisations are affected by external influences intensively which affects factors as reputation and the sales of the company. External influences have a negative impact as well as negative impact. This essay will establish to assess at the external business environment of Debenhams. PEST analysis tool will be used in order to complete the assessment efficiently.

PEST Analysis
PEST analysis is used for to understand market growth or decline and to discover the position, potential and direction of a business. It is also defined as business measurement tool. PEST stands for Political, Economic, Social and Technological. This method is also designed to assess the market for a business or organisational unit. ( Oxford Dictionary)

Company Overview

Debenhams is a British PLC company which started operating in 1778. Debenhams targeted audience is all ages from children to adults. Debenhams is mainly based in the UK and has more than 160 stores within the UK. They operate outside UK in 60 worldwide franchising stores. Debenhams held over 30,000 employees which also hold headquarters in London. Debenhams store is the second largest department store in the UK after John Lewis. They offer wide ranges of products such as; women clothes, men clothes, children clothes, lingerie, accessories, health and beauty and home and furniture. Political

Government sets regulation for all organisations to follow, meaning Debenhams which also contribute to. Health and safety is one of the most significant regulations by law that most businesses need to consider. Therefore, Debenhams must meet the standards which, required by law in order to provide services to customers in self environment. A minimum wage regulation is one of the most common regulations which many organisations work under, which also applies to Debenhams...
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