Debate with the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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I recently had the opportunity to attend a conference on the fate of the Brazilian Rainforest where I learned about the uses of the rainforest and its resources. The Brazilian Rainforest is important for many reasons such as: settling, ranching, hunting, plants growth, rubber trees, oxygen cycle, and medicine. The best course of action for the Brazilian government is to outlaw the burning or cutting of the rainforest. The rainforest is currently used by a number of different interest groups; each one has its own priority in the rainforest. Ranchers use the rainforest for ranching. They have cattle, and where they have livestock. Settlers live and farm in the Amazon rainforest. Loggers harvest the tress to make wood products. Environmentalists don’t want groups in the Amazon rainforest and messing the “ways of life”. Natives were the first ones at the rainforest. It was officially the Natives land until new people came and took their land. Rubber tappers “tap tress” for rubber. The land use of the Amazon rainforest is impacting the local environment by man reasons. One of the reasons is slash and burn. This is when groups like Rubber Tappers cut down a large amount of trees. One of the main cause is deforestation. Deforestation impacts the local environment because it leads to loss or extinction of wild life. It destroys the soil structure that is needed for planting and farming. Biodiversity in the Amazon is very important. There are over or about 20-40 million different types of species with in the Amazon rainforest. Slash and burn affects their homes, some species die off or relocate and adapt with in another area. The land use does impact the global environment. The most important impact it has on the global environment is the carbon oxygen cycle and global warming. The land use and cutting down the trees affects the carbon oxygen cycle because when photosynthesis happens plans take in Carbon Dioxide and release oxygen. When the trees in the forest are cut...
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