Debate Topic- Parenting Classes Should Not Be Taught in All Secondary Schools.

Topics: Pregnancy, Adolescence, Childhood Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: December 31, 2012
Debate topics- parenting classes should be taught in all secondary schools. * Teenagers will think it’s easy to be parent and will have babies earlier- more teenage pregnancy although that is not the main reason. Also, when they have babies earlier they will not be financially ready. Parenting classes should only be taught to pregnant teenage or young parents who are about to have a baby and theses classes should be free. * Parenting classes should be for parents only because young people are not mature yet and they will not realise why they should need to take these parenting classes. Young popel might not care and might think it is waste of time. * We agree that parenting classes can be sometimes good and are there to educate teens but these classes may have the reverse result. Teens may think it is hard and doubt their abilities to be good parents in the future and can also make them have low self-esteem.

* This can create conflict between the teenage and their parent/carer- Teenagers may rebel against their parents teaching methods if it is different from what they learnt and may think it is wrong. They may go on in blaming their parents for not raising them the right way.

* "Class" doesn't prepare you for what parenting is all about. Nothing can. Experience alone..... Just because we took the class, passed the test, still doesn't mean we'll do right by our kids. It doesn't mean someone won't decide to beat their kids a few years down the road, or worse! If the child has problems themselves then they will pass this to their children.
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