Debate - This House Believes That Computers Should Replace Teachers.

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Debate – This house believes that computers should replace teachers. (proposition)

Good morning everybody. I am the first speaker of proposition party. We believe that computers should replace teachers. I am going to introduce to you the advantages of teachers over computers. Everyone has their own learning speeds. People have different ways of learning; some of them need to draw, some of them need to interact, etcetera. Computers allow you to learn at your own pace. They give you time to slow down and understand, and you can always repeat a chapter again. However, teachers teach at their own pace and may not always stop to help you. Take our Maths class for example. I noticed that some of us do not seem to understand certain concepts but they do not dare to raise their hands. If they were to use a computer, they could ask a question which others may think ‘stupid’ but they will not get embarrassed. Also, computers do not scold you. They do not tell you off if you happen to make a mistake in your work. They will not ask you to get out of the class. They will give you a second chance. Let’s take 陈老师’s class as an example. I am sure that many of us here do not like her. Why is this so? This is so as she is constantly shouting, even when you make a tiny error. She makes sure that everything must be precise and as a result many of us are irritated. Hence, if computers were used instead, no one would experience something like this.

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