Debate: Society Should Not Discriminate Ex-Convicts

Topics: Discrimination, Psychology, Prison Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: July 16, 2012
1Ex-convicts should be given chances to build their life and they should be free from other’s prejudice. -perceived discrimination is very unfair.
-chances should be given to let them forget their past and build a new life -they had learnt their lesson while serving their time in the prison 2Due to isolation from society, it might result in ex-convicts in committing crimes as they are rejected by the society -it seems like their discrimination causes them to feel insecure and the society causes to their second downfall. -they are not people who are born to this world with evil intentions; they are just people who screwed up. 3They can help in increasing the economy when they are hired and reduce the unemployment rate -they are capable of doing jobs just like the other people, and they have higher state of motivation than others because they are being given the second chance that is their platform to change their life for the better and new successful life. -they know the meaning of hardship and therefore they would not mind in being.

1It’s hard to change the social behaviour and perception of the society, as it is already implied on their minds. -the mind of people is mostly concrete, they are being overprotective over their own safety -ex-convicts are not a good reputation and once a convict, always a convict 2Their gruesome history causes people to think that they might tarnish the reputation of their employers -there are a lot of other people and employee candidates that do not have any criminal background -if there are two job applicants and one of them is an ex-convict, certainly we would want to hire the one with the clean record. 3They might have dangerous trait that could harm existing employees and the employers itself. -as an example, a murderer might hurt and even kill his own colleague due to his excessive rage and uncontrollable emotions. -they should not be given chances at all, because they do not have...
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