Debate Rebuttal for Odyssey

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  • Published : January 7, 2013
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Abhigya Giri
Debate Rebuttal
Ms.Jappe Pd. 6
Honors English 10
Does sending his men to scout the area in Djerba (the land of the Lotus- Eaters) and he himself sitting back indicate that he is using his men as a shield? Why could not he have gone himself? Why does he have to send men ? Same with Circe's case, why did he send his men first? It seems to me that he is using them as a shield. He could have gone first, couldn't he? Why does he land his ship in a safe place and tell the other crew ships to land in the jagged harbor at their arrival in Telepylos? Do you think he only helped the ghost of Elepnor out of fear of being cursed? How is Odysseus being just by providing food to his men from the Cyclops' cave? Isn’t food just a necessity? How was Odysseus being just by telling them to stay in the cave?

Opposition's Arguments which were invalid
Odysseus did not enter the Cyclops' cave to get more food for the men. He and his crew had hunted goats and “to each crew nine goats were shared out” (Pg 216 line 177). The only reason he decides to even go inside the Cyclops' cave is because Odysseus wants to “probe the natives living over there”(Pg 217 line 194). In this situation, Odysseus is unjust to his crew. He actually wants to investigate if the natives were “violent, savage, lawless? / or friendly to strangers, god-fearing men?”(Pg 217 line 195-196) without thinking about the safety of the crew. His curiosity endangers the lives of his men. The opposition thinks that Odysseus enters the Cyclops' cave to get food but they are wrong. He lands on the island, not the Cyclops' cave, to get food. It is Odysseus's curiosity that makes Odysseus and his men enter the Cyclops' cave since he wants to “probe the natives”. Weakest Argument

When Odysseus and his crew are about to reach Ithaca, Odysseus does not “[trust] the ropes to any other mate”(Pg.231 line 37). This situation indicates that Odysseus does not hold the men in very high...
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