Debate on "The Introduction of Female-Only Compartments on Mtr Is Essential in Preventing Sexual Assault"

Topics: Male, Gender, Victim Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: October 30, 2012
Good morning, teachers and students:

Our motion of today is "The introduction of female-only compartments on MTR is essential in preventing sexual assault". We, as the negative team, strongly oppose this motion.

There are totally four points for our argument. First, we will explain the great expenditure that the female-only compartments bring. Second, we will point out this introduction isn't practical. Third, we will show you whether the female-only compartments is useful in preventing sexual assault. Finally, we will argue that the female-only compartments is discriminating against males.

First of all, the set up of female-only compartments will bring a great cost to the railway company. For example, the current train in Hong Kong is in an open style in which passengers can walk from one carriage to another. If female-only compartments are adapted, a door will have to be built between each carriage to separate them. Also, more train attendant have to be employed to ensure males do not get into this special carriage. However, the users of the female-only compartments will not suffer extra charge. Eventually, the costs will be shifted to all passengers, including males and females who do not use the special carriage, which is unfair to them.

Next, as we all know, Hong Kong is a very busy city. It is impossible to limit the number of males getting onto the MTR at peak hours. Take an example of Korea, which have adapted the female-only compartments in 1992. The government found out that, there is no way to prevent the flock of male passengers. Therefore, the policy was soon abandoned. Also, not all females are suitable for this special carriage, like families or lovers, which has limited the benefiters. Besides, Hong Kong passengers use to rush into the carriage at last minute. If males break into the female-only compartments by mistake, that could be a huge embarrassment. The position of the female-only compartments is also under consideration. For...
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