Debate on Regulation on Food Market

Topics: Regulation, Nutrition, Government Pages: 3 (856 words) Published: April 22, 2011
Food regulation debate
A: We think regulations in the food market are too much. Food market should be encouraged to development freely. There are four important reasons.

Firstly, government should not intervene in the food market. In a free market, individuals should have the right to buy food in accordance with their wishes, even if the food has certain problem. "Hunger is more harmful to health than the fake food products, even if these foods are not entirely pure" (Young, 1989). For example, legislation to ensure food quality is an insult to the poor, since the prohibition of selling low-quality products will greatly reduce the choice of the poor and improve their living costs. Individuals have the right to choose to buy inferior and even toxic food, as long as it is their free choices (Wood, 1985). Secondly, those who support the control are often the spokesman for the interests of large firms. They are captured by large firms, in behavior of large enterprises, and create competitive advantage for them in the name of "public interest". Lynch (1977) argued that they merely represent the interests of influential business groups, but they deceive the general public by saying that this is creating a public value.

Thirdly, under strict regulations in the food market, some small firms or self-employed may face difficulties in surviving due to the increasing costs related to the regulation. This situation leads to unemployment and has negative effect on the whole society.

Fourthly, it is difficult to grasp the scope and intensity of regulation, which will produce bureaucracy or corruption. "Once we begin to regulate all counterfeiting things or things which affect the public health, then where is the end for our hands to reach so far?" "If the Ministry of Agriculture sets standards to offer food, then it will tell us soon in the spring or fall what should we wear, what horse should we ride "(Young, 1989).

B. We strongly believe there should be more...
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