Debate Essay

Topics: United States, People's Republic of China, President of the United States Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Kiarra Bennett
14 October 2012
Debate Essay
During this debate I will be addressing Governor Romneys views on China. President Obama has dealt with Chinas unfair ways and has done nothing about them. Governor Romney wants to change that and stand up for the US so we are not getting walked all over. Governor Romney says that China is "Stealing intellectual property rights" from the US and other nations. What that means is that China is copyrighting the United States accomplishments. China does not want to help the US it wants to break it down.

China wants to build up their economy by grasping on to the Western success. The Chinese manipulate their prices to where only the Chinese companies can buy their goods. They put their standards to a level where some American companies can not meet so therefore we can not buy any goods. They also lower their prices for those Chinese companies that are purchasing their goods. By doing this it shows that the Chinese do not want us purchasing their goods and bringing them into the US. In order to solve these issues against China Governor Romney wants to make sure that no goods from China are brought into the US. He also wants China to agree to the Government Procurement agreement.

Dealing with the military in the Pacific, the United States should expand their naval presence. Romney believes that we should not be selling top of the line equipment to Asian allies. We do not want to form an Anti China alliance, instead we want to strengthen the cooporation with other countries. Chinas economy is growing very large. The Governor wants to form a "Reagan Economic Zone." With the Raegan Economic Zone Romney will be able to arrange the ideas and a plan for free trade. It can also be powerful by bringing in other nations looking for access to bigger and better markets. We know that China will probably not agree to the idea, so we will persuade them by having...
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