Debate About Baby Boxes

Topics: Infant, Infancy, Childbirth Pages: 11 (4093 words) Published: October 2, 2012
Nowadays in most countries year by year there are more and more cases when babies are found dead in garbage cans or on the streets as a result of women’s fear and reluctance to raise their newborn babies. From the latest published statistics about this kind of cases there was established extremely high level of such occurrences. Unfortunately, several times a year in the media there are reports about discarded newborns on the streets. Therefore, recently there arises an assertion relatively the necessity of Baby Boxes in hospitals. And the point here is not about considering if it is good or bad to give mothers such an opportunity, but about considering baby to be killed or be alive. The first “incubator” for saving the lives of children has been installed in Hamburg, Germany in April 2000. This project was supported by the government after the 1999 statistics of thrown babies in garbage containers in Hamburg. Today our motion stands, this house would establish baby boxes in maternity hospitals. By establishing these baby boxes, we mean make them legal and make them spread throughout all the maternity hospitals. By baby boxes, we mean the incubators with special cradled cribs built inside the walls of hospitals for women that are not willing to raise their child right after giving birth to them. One door of these boxes is located outside, and the other one–inside the building. After opening the box from outside, the baby is placed in a special comfortable crib and then in about 1 or 2 minutes the door starts to close. After the door from outside is locked, and it is impossible to open it, the alarming signal is fed throughout the building so that nurses could know about the abandoned child on time and could properly take care of him or her. Babies are inspected by specialists, and then are tested to primary analysis. Finally, police station and guardianship organs are informed about the found baby. So, these organs take a full responsibility and get involve in disposing the fate of these newborn babies. In this case there are neither camcorders, nor security around the place of baby boxes. Thus, if baby has no any corporal injuries, mother is not involved to criminal liability. Otherwise, this woman will be searched out and will be given relevant sentence. At the same time there is a possibility that if these women change their mind, in this case after passing the genetic examination it appears to be possible for them to reclaim their babies back. Finally, by maternity hospitals we mean health facilities that provide care for women during pregnancy and childbirth as well as for newborn infants. Today our role is by giving reasonable causes to prove to you why establishing these baby boxes will achieve benefits in current problems of society. Our first argument stands, baby box is nothing but a great chance to save a baby life. As time goes by there are more and more occurring cases, when newborns are found unsparingly left or dead in scrapyards or on the streets. In order to justify the installation of the box for foundlings, it is enough to read the criminal chronicle of the last three to five years. There are almost no places where the police could not find abandoned babies- in the elevators, hallways, under fences, in the garbage, blue from the cold, sick and healthy, alive and dead. Baby box is an alternative to the garbage can. What doubts can there arise? We are talking about what is better – to admit killing child by his or her own mother by leaving this child homeless wander the streets, when the parents are drunks and homeless people, or give him a chance to find a normal family? However, if mother leaves her child in baby box, she neither kills him, nor leaves him without any help. So the main purpose of baby boxes is to decrease this huge amount of death toll. And the estimation is not the best option. Even one saved life justifies the existence of the baby box. On the other...
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