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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Thank you Madam Chairperson. Good morning to the honourable judges, the honest timekeepers, the opposition/government team and last but not least, the members of the floor. Let me introduce myself, I'm........... the 2nd speaker of the government/opposition team and I have 2 jobs to do. Firstly, I would like to refute all the points given by the 1st speaker of the opposition/government team. And later, I'll tell you 3 points on the topic/ why we/ the government/opposition/ should win this debate competition. As you know, we the government really-really agreed and support our topic today, which is ' One Malaysia is Toward Unity '. Ladies and gentlemen,

From the explanation of 1 Malaysia Concept by first speaker before, we know that 1 Malaysia concept is acceptable to all races in Malaysia which is, Malay, Chinese and Indian. Here, I would tell you how this concept working. Firstly, The Malaysian’s government can promote national unity through 1 Malaysia concept and advertisement. Open house usually held during major festivals in the country. This program has served to promote unity among Malaysians when they visit each other in their home. The government can also organise national-level open houses for the major festivals. In addition,1 Malaysia concept is the path that can lead to political stability, economic growth and social enhancement for all Malaysians and the country. The purpose of this concept is to complement the existing approach to strengthen national unity. The core elements of unity are the attitude of acceptance among races and peoples and have the sense of belonging together. Advertisement through radio, television and newspapers are one of the best way in promoting unity. Most of people can be affected virtually to be united among races because of slogans about unity that they heard and saw in radio and television. Newspapers that read by all the ethnics must publish unity material that helping citizens understand the important and advantages...
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