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Should judges be elected to serve on the bench?
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* I support the idea of electing judges into office because judges should represent the interests of the community being served.  
If the election of judges is withdrawn as a means to appointment a candidate into office, then judges would serve on the bench for the sake of duty rather than service to the community. Electing officials into office empowers members of the voting community by giving registered voters the opportunity to select a representative who can address the concerns of the citizens. Voters expect judges to be authoritative officials who address legal matters in hopes that communities and lives will be protected from wrongdoing. It is important for judges to be involved in the positive construction of a community. Voting is a fundamental right that should not be taken away. Posted By: SteepSanto68

* I believe that judges should be chosen to serve on the bench, since they are doing a public service to the citizens of the city or nation. The citizens are the ones who need protection from the criminals and offenders that walk into a court room. By having the citizens elect judges, there is a better chance that justice will be served appropriately. Posted By: CrabbyDonn59

* Judges should be elected just like other government officials.  
Yes, judges should have to be elected to serve on the bench. Much like other government officials, judges are supposed to be representing the population. By having them elected by the majority, this will ensure that the person chosen has the background, experience and personality the people want in a judge. Posted By: TedieDelight

* Yes, because judges are the true voice of the people when enforcing the law.  
Judges should always be elected, because the decisions they make in court reflect the laws that the average citizen will have to follow. Posted By: RaynN4t3
* Judges should be elected to serve on the bench.
A judge is supposed to be impartial. They are supposed to look at the facts and only the facts. However, with our justice system today already being political I feel that the people should have the ability to choose who will hold this high position. With the appointment process there is always the possibility (and probability) of the old "you scratch my back and I will scratch yours" scenario. I know this goes on all over in politics and if judges had to run a campaign for their seats I am sure there would be more broken promises but I still feel it should be left up to the public to hopefully make a good an honest decision on which candidate would do the best job. After all...the people already choose who will hold the most important positions in this country already. Posted By: w00tboycomic

* Judges should be elected, rather than appointed, to serve on the bench.  
Judges should be elected, rather than appointed, to serve on the bench. Justice should be served without prejudice and not according to political boundaries. The fact that judges often make decisions that impact the general public and create precedent for interpretation of laws which could also impact the general public for some time into the future, the general public should have some say and control on the judicial branch. Actually voting for judges is one way to exercise this control. Posted By: SilverMathi

* Judges should be elected to the bench so that they are chosen by the people.  
It is common knowledge (and very provable) that power corrupts. It is unwise to have judges appointed because this leads to unwise choices or unqualified people holding such a position of power. Even better than having judges elected, judges should be able to be removed by elections easily so that any hints of corruption or abuse of authority can be wiped out of the court system. Posted By: Nik0Interior

* Judges should be elected to ensure accountability.
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