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Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama: The First Presidential debate

On October 3, 2012 the first of three prudential debate between Democrats

incumbent President Barack Obama and Republican contender Governor

Mitt Romney was held in Denver, Colorado. The moderator, Jim Lehrer created questions

that covered 6 topics: jobs, the budget deficit, economy, health care, the role of

government and governing. Both debaters went over the time limits and covered many

topics that are out of order. However, this debate was considered a win for Governor


In the debate, Mitt Romney came out with the red tie, which I think it means he was

aggressive and ready to fight like a bull with sharp horns. Obama came out with the blue

tie, which means he was calm, collected in well control of himself. The candidates spoke in

their rehearse in a random and repetitive pattern. Romney almost seemed disoriented by

the lack of control. Obama said, “Jim - I - you may want to move on to another topic”,

he declared after 21 minutes of dense exchanged responses about tax policies and then the

debate started.

About taxes, Obama would cut $4 billion a year in subsidies to oil company.
Lower corporate tax rate by eliminating tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas. Obama and

Romney then debated whether Romney's tax cut plan would reduce government revenue

by $5 trillion and whether Romney's spending plan would add $2 trillion to federal defense

spending. The debate had shown many different points of views. In the topic of deficit

problem, Romney said he would cut subsidy to PBS, combine agencies and department

and reduce the number of Federal employees through attrition but Obama said for every

$2.50 in spending cuts would require $1 in additional taxes from the wealthy.

In my opinion, I see Obama’s proposal will benefit and will definitely help the deficit.

As to where and how to get the money to fund...
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