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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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| mastoidectomy is the removal of bone from the mastoid process.  This process is located behind the ear canal and contains air cells which drain into the middle | |ear.   There removal becomes necessary if they are diseased or if a cholesteatoma, an infected skin cyst in the middle ear andmastoid,  is present.   | | | |The operation first involves exposure of themastoid tip using a periosteal elevator and removal of the mastoid bone using a cutting bur. | |  | |The picture to the right shows a cutting burr with several flutes.  A wire brush will sometimes be required to remove bone dust from the flutes.   The picrure on the | |left shows a diamond burr which has been used during surgery.  Note the loss of some of the diamonds on the burr's head.  Diamond burrs are used in approaching vital | |structures such as the inner ear, nerves and the dura. | | | |A blunt probe is often used to palpate areas to determine if they are mucosa containingmastoid air cells or dura (the lining of the brain). | |   | |    ...
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