Death with Dignity Act

Topics: Physician, Patient, Barbiturate Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: October 16, 2010
The death with dignity act allows terminally- ill patients to independently make the decision to end their own lives. Towards the end of their last days a patient that is terminally ill suffers tremendously. They are usually in a lot of pain. The pain has to be controlled with continuous pain medication. The family members have to sit and watch their love one wither away to nothing. For this reason many patients have fought for the right to die with more dignity. They want the right to be able to choose when and where and how their very own death will be. The death can be peaceful and at home with family members at the bed side. Many individuals are against the death with dignity act. They believe that this is not the will of God. Protesters argue that it is not natural and within the will of God for an individual to choose their own death. Although the person already has a prognosis of life for 6 months or less protesters argue that by ending their life early it is the same as suicide. Christians believe that suicide is the ultimate sin. They believe that you can never be forgiving by God for suicide because in death you cannot ask for forgiveness. The idea of inducing one’s own death is a very controversial issue. It is only legal in three states. Oregon, Washington and Montana. The act was made legal in Oregon October 27, 1997. The Act is more new to Washington and Montana. The Act was passed in Washington November 4, 2008 and In Montana December 31, 2009. The death with dignity act allows terminally-ill patients to end their lives through the independent decision to self administer lethal medication. The drug of choice is usually barbiturates which are also used for lethal injection for persons on death row. The process is very extensive the patient has to make two oral requests to the doctor that has to be 15 days apart. The patient also has to submit a written request for the prescription. There has to be two witnesses with the written request. One of the...
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