Death: the Godfather and Godson Wealth

Topics: The Godfather, Merchant, God Pages: 2 (797 words) Published: June 15, 2011
Death is an obvious and underlining theme in both the stories of god father death and Appointment in Samarra. This does not just mean the act of dying but the character itself. Death is portrayed as an omniscient being, whose prescience is the ultimate fear. In both stories however, Death does not act as controller of everything or even all knowing. In God father death the king and princess are able to cheat death through the doctor’s healing powers, despite Death’s plans. Then in Appointment in Samarra Death is surprised to find the servant escapes to Samarra (the place where he later meets Death). Even if Death does is believed not to hold as much power as a god or the devil he is equally if not more threatening. In both stories the protagonists run away or plead for mercy but both meet the inevitable fate of death. This brings us to the true moral of the story that no one can escape death. Both stories also show Death to have a trickster like personality and the stories seem to be a little darkly comedic. Although the stories share many similarities there also many differences amongst them as well. Appointment in Samarra tells the story (through the eyes of death). of a merchant in Bagdad who sends his servant to a market place. Upon carrying out his task the servant is petrified to see death. He believes that she sends him a threatening gesture. He comes back to the merchant and insists that the merchant lend him his horse to escape death. The merchant lends him his horse, and the servant rides off to Samarra.  When the merchant goes down to the marketplace and he sees Death standing in the crowd he comes to her and asks why she had made a threatening gesture to his servant. She explains it was not a was not a threatening gesture, only a start of surprise.  Furthermore Death explains she was astonished to see the servant in Bagdad, for she had an appointment with him in Samarra later that very night. First off appointment in Samarra is not even a story, but...
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