Death Pently

Topics: Death Penalty, Prison, Murder Pages: 2 (761 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Melody frye
Death Penalty
Do you believe the death penalty is right or wrong? I believe some cases should and some shouldn’t be put to death depending on the severity of the crime. I believe that criminals who rape, murder, child abuse, and thieves should get put to death not get a bail or threw in jail for however many years they get. My reason for this is because they can get out of jail or bailed out they just go back at doing what put them in jail the first time. The death penalty would bring peace of mind to the families devastated by the criminal by knowing that the criminal that the criminal has no possible way of hurting, or killing again. Another reason is that they have technology now and DNA testing to be extra certain you put the right person to death and not someone innocent. Also our and are not helping to pay care for the criminals and it helps reduce overpopulation problems in prisons. My main reason for this is harsh punishment like the death penalty would cause less crime in the nation. I believe if we still had the death penalty it would scare people not to do crimes in fear of being put to death. My option is some people like homeless people, people can`t afford food, etc. does crimes just to have a place to sleep, a hot cook meal as well as other things to do. Plus some cases take years to even appeal in court so the criminal is enjoying his life while the victims’ families suffers in fear they are next. There is to many stories on the news where the killer gets released from jail and took another innocent life .I believe if you kill or rape someone you should get your life taken away as well. Rape victims have to suffer all their life worried about them and have trust issues and afraid of people. As well as the murder victim`s has to suffer dealing with the pain of their lost every day. My option is that our criminal laws are too lenient. Criminals see on TV where other people get away with it, so they get out and do it...
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