Death Penalty vs Life Sentence

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  • Published : February 5, 2012
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The decision of nations around the world in regards to choosing the death penalty or life sentence brings forward a very thorny debate. The death sentence also known as the capital punishment or execution is the sentence of death upon a person by the state as a punishment for an offence. Over recent years several countries and states have been exercising the use of the death penalty and moving away from life sentence but whether it is ethical and beneficial to society to me is very clear. The financial cost to tax payers of the death penalty is more than the cost of life in prison and the death penalty in fact does not deter crime. Furthermore the death penalty is barbaric and revenge is not at all suitable for humanity to advance. Lives of innocent individuals can be taken because of the death penalty. Capital punishment is not a way forward and does not help alleviate any social problems but rather presents various costs to society so why is the death penalty even being considered? Life in prison has proven to be more economical than the death sentence, so why are so many states practicing capital punishment? It is illogical to even consider because of the financial ramifications the death sentence cultivates. Some argue that their hard- earned money is being used to afford criminals ‘privileges’ such as three square meals, shelter a yard full of toys for recreation and medical care when sick but the costs of all these do not nearly compete with the cost of putting someone to death. According to a recent study done by the Urban Institute on March 6th 2009, the lifetime costs to taxpayers for each capitally prosecuted case has proven to be 1.9-3 million US dollars more than the lifetime sentence. This is so because the process of putting someone on death row requires endless appeals, investigations, incarceration costs, additional required procedures, and all the bureaucracy that drags out the process. Judges, court reporters, attorneys and court facilities are...
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