Death Penalty Outline

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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Directions: Use this template to create your outline. (Open this document, SAVE AS firstinitiallastname_Eng3or4PD?_ResearchOutline; then type your own research information into it; delete my reminders, such as “add background information”). The parentheses are reminders to add your parenthetical citations. Sometimes, your information will not be from a source, so you won’t need a parenthetical citation. Feel free to add more points (C, D, etc) and (iii, iv, etc). You may also need to omit portions of the outline. Write out your full thesis and topic sentences; other support can be abbreviated. The more detail you add to your outline, the better your paper .Type in the 5 (or more) direct quotations required for this paper. Use your own words (paraphrase), unless you use a direct quotation. DELETE these directions when you complete your outline. Refer to your “Research Paper Outline Guidelines/ Rubric” when writing your outline. See example outline handout. Remember to Upload Outline Document to your Drop Box Immediately as Research Outline.

I. Introduction
A. Hook/ Attention Grabber [Ideas include: a startling statistic; a powerful quotation; a little story relating to your topic; thought-proving information] ( ). B. Add Background info here ( ).

i. Add info. here ( ).
ii. Add info. here ( ).
C. What is the controversy? [Optional—can add more background information instead. ( ). i. Add info. here ( ).
ii. Add info. here ( ).
D:(Thesis Statement/ Complete Sentence):

II. First topic sentence to support your position (copy from your topic sentence worksheet). A. Support for topic sentence ( ).
i. Elaboration for above Support “A” ( ). ii. More elaboration for...
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