Death Penalty in Australia. Should It Come Back?

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  • Published : November 22, 2008
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0004. “Individuals who engage in inhumane activities should face the death penalty thereby saving the taxpayer the cost of supporting their life of imprisonment.” `AN EYE FOR AN EYE WILL MAKE THE WHOLE WORLD BLIND; the famous quote spoken Mahatma Gandhi- the quote used countless timesby appeasers of the death penalty: The same death penalty that has not been used in Australia since 1967- which was then abolished by the federal government in 1973. Death penalty appeasers will argue that “The death penalty violates the right to life. It is cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment.”* This may be true, but aren’t the crimes of rape and murder even more so? Wouldn’t one feel justice had been served if your child was brutally murdered, or would one sleep better at night knowing that their abuser was no longer alive?` `Capital punishment had been part of the legal system of Australia since British settlement and during the 19th century, crimes that warranted a death sentence included burglary, sexual assault, sheep stealing, forgery, murder and manslaughter there is also one reported case of someone being executed for "being illegally at large." During the 19th century, these crimes saw about 80 people hanged each year throughout Australia.` `Before and after federation, each state made its own criminal laws and punishments.During The 20thcentury 114 people were executed in Australia for numerous crimes. The last of which being Ronald Ryan. It was alleged that Ryan shot a prison officer by the name of George Hodson during a prison escape from a Victorian prison. This execution sparked huge debate,and the biggest public protests ever seen in the history of Australia. This was because many did not believe the case was proved beyond reasonable doubt.` `This may sound like an argument to keep the death penalty out of our courts, but I believe that this just proves that there is no better time than now to bring it back. I mean, 50 years ago when we had a quarter of the...
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