Death Penalty for Child Molesters

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  • Published : November 13, 2012
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Death Penalty for Child Molesters
Two strikes and your out
Rocio Verduzco
September 17, 2009

Death Penalty for Child Molesters
There is no doubt that we live in a dangerous world and just trying to live an ordinary life is hard enough. Life is one of the things that can be planned for but to actually execute those plans successfully is very hard. Most of us are aware of the fact that there are criminal behaviors going on in all places at all times but are unaware of the kind of gruesome, stomach turning, violent crimes child molesters commit. The people of this country who hear and watch the news only know what is being told to them by the media and do not realize the extent of the kind of torture a child molester brings to an innocent life. The death penalty needs to be imposed on every child molesters who acts upon their sadistic thoughts. The death penalty should be imposed because most of them are repeated offenders, they commit heinous crimes and society detests them.

Just the thought of having a child being molested by someone is outraging enough. But to actually find out that the offender has actually committed the same crime before is unbelievable. There have been a lot of stories where a child molester has been incarcerated and released from prison before serving a full prison sentence. In Tulsa two Police officers found Marcus Berry a known child molester truck and inside was a partially clothed two-year-old girl. Berry had been convicted before for the molestation of another child and was released early. (The News on 6). Once a child molester has committed a crime once they should without a doubt be put to death because they will commit the crime again. Under the measure signed by Gov. Brad Henry, anyone convicted twice for rape, sodomy or lewd molestation involving children under 14 can face the death penalty. (CNN).

Any crime committed to a child by a child molester is heinous crime. Most repeated offenders increase their acts...
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