Death Penalty: Eye for an Eye

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  • Published : December 7, 2008
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Capital Punishment: An Eye for an Eye For many years there has been a constant debate between supporters and non-supporters of the death penalty. Many people argue that the death penalty is as much a murder as the crime committed by the offender. Others may say that it provides closure and justice. I am a strong supporter of the death penalty. There are many others like myself. The world is full of the most dangerous and ruthless criminals that should be put to death. There are many pros that the death penalty has to offer that make the world a better place to live. The death penalty is proven to deter crime. Many individuals think twice before committing a crime because of the death penalty. Spectators that have witnessed an execution say that watching an execution has changed their lives. Spectators can advise others to refrain from doing crimes by telling others of their experience. Prison is one place where many people would not expect crime, but sadly there is as much crime in prison as there is on the outside. The death penalty deters inmates from committing crimes in prison because the death penalty can still be added on to their sentence. Crimes are also deterred in prison because some of the most ruthless criminals are isolated and are on death row. Criminologist state that when execution rates go up, murder rates go down. Criminologists also state that each execution deters eighteen murders. Many experts state that speeding up executions would deter crime at a much faster rate. There has been an overall drop in homicides. Nationally the decline was 2.7 percent. With cities that have populations over one million murder rates have declined 9.8 percent. The death penalty also gives families of murder victims’ closure and justice. Many families say that the death penalty is a deterrent in crime. Many families say that even though they feel relief after the murderers’ death, the pain of a lost loved one will never go away. Families want closure and do not...
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