Death Penalty Essay

Topics: Murder, Death Penalty, Prison Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: October 26, 2012
About The Death Penalty

I do not believe that the death penalty is the most effective way to deal with criminals, because there are alternatives to the death penalty and it is not necessarily cost effective. So how effective is the death penalty? “A recent study by Professor Michael Radelet and Traci Lacock of the University of Colorado found that 88% of the nation’s leading criminologists do not believe the death penalty is an effective deterrent to crime.” (Radelet & Lacock, 2012) Murder rates in states with, and without the death penalty have about the same statistics. The reason for this is, that you have to take into consideration that some people that commit murders could be high on drugs and are not able to think rationally at that time the crime was committed. There are also those that are mentally disabled, and do not understand what they did. Then there are those that are accidents. So when there are these circumstances in place, the death penalty has no influence on the person that committed the crime. The death penalty is not one fit all solution. Some alternatives to the death penalty is life in prison without the possibility for parole, is a worse punishment and a more effective deterrent. The thought of having to live the rest of your days in a cage can be terrifying to many people, there for deterring them from a life of crime. There is also rehabilitation for some, teaching them new skills for a trade and getting the help they need to become a successful and productive citizen in our society. Many times, people turn to crime because they think there is nothing else that they can do with their life. That is when rehab is a great idea, getting to open up and see outside the box. Many people believe that a person sentenced to life for murder will be walking the streets in seven years. This is not true if they are sentenced to life without parole, that means life. As more people are becoming aware of longer sentences, alternatives to the...
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