Death Penalty Effectiveness

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Death Penalty Effectiveness
David J. Minder
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Thomas Edison State College
Introduction to Criminal Justice AOJ-102


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This paper will dicuss my position on the effectiveness of the death penalty. My position is that I believe in the death penalty is effective especially in capital crimes. I believe people should be excuted if they commit a crime that requires them be put to death.

Death Penalty Effectiveness

Death Penalty has been a topic of critical discussion and been a critical target on a comprehensive platform. When one mentions the word death, it relates to a corrupt understanding, which leads to murder, execution, and assassination or simply to the nature and the life that passed away. In legal terms, the death penalty implies punishment, but if we think in terms of ethics or merely religion, in absolute terms it would be considered violating the law of life and against the rights of a person, because globally we are all entitled to life, and the death penalty would be to counter a world law. Undoubtedly, the death penalty is the ultimate sanction, dating back to ancient history. Apparently, in today’s modern world of immediate expansion, growth and development, the practice itself continues to exist today, making more room for debate and deliberation. Thus, in the debate, diverse disciplines involved, labeled with the name of ‘Social Sciences’ that range from sociology to criminology, to politics, philosophy and law among others. It is also clear that religion, although not one of these disciplines also involved, since religion also gives a view of the world and people. (Yunteng, p. 10) Specifically relating to the prevalence of this act and phenomenon, spread over throughout history and its implications, we shall discuss the concept and understanding of this entire phenomenon in a holistic concept. Therefore, we divide the work into three main sections: the historical evolution of such a sentence, where we have included a brief chronology of the death penalty in Spain; second, the current situation in the world, many countries still practiced, and how many, with some of the agreements to abolish it, and finally, the third, which we will address the arguments both for and against it. Finally, by way of conclusion, learning the accounts of the entire process in terms of recommendations and further implications that the death penalty may hold and discuss also some alternatives to capital punishment and its problems. (Keith, p. 70) Death penalty or capital punishment is a punishment under the law of executing a person who recognized guilty of misconduct described as a “capital crime". The award decided by the judiciary after a trial. In the absence of a trial, or in cases where it not done by a recognized institution, one may opt about summary executions, acts of revenge or individual justice, depending solely over the discretion of the Court or the plaintiff themselves. The death penalty variously regarded as periods and geographic regions. Originally developed only very highly worldwide, it discredited in the era of Enlightenment. The punishment itself has strongly declined, pertaining to be condemned by all legal institutions accordingly, but the process is currently in the midst of becoming condemned respectively. The death penalty or execution is the killing of a person to conduct a judicial punishment or for general deterrence and prevention of crimes recurring in a time interval. For imposing the death penalty there are several stances, given out by the major law making institutions around the world. For instance, death penalty in the light of the English Capital Punishment implies the occurrence where the guilty shall beheaded through an instrument or...
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