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Death Penalty

  • March 2012
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The death penalty is one of the most controversial topics in the United States today. Millions of crimes are committed every day, many of which are deadly. With all of the crimes today there are many forms of punishments for each crime. The death penalty should be one of the forms of punishment used for these crimes. To me murders, child rapist, and others who have committed severe crimes should have the possibility of the death penalty. I have yet to find a flaw with convicted criminals being executed. Some argue about that the rights of the prisoners are being violated. The criminals violated their victim’s rights, so what is this difference with the United States justice system doing the same. If a criminal is convicted and sentenced to death they should not be allowed to appeal. Murders did not give their victims a chance to appeal for their life, so why should they be given the chance to do the same. Criminals are given all the chances in the world to escape their punishment through the lengthy appeal process. However, while these criminals sit in prison awaiting an appeal tax payers money is spent to provide the criminals with satellite television, three meals a day, and many other amenities that they should not have provided. The amount of money that could be saved with speeding up the death penalty process would be astounding. Countless tax payers’ dollars go to waste as criminals sit in jail with life sentences because some states have no death penalty. Criminals are treated better than the civilians in our society what more could they ask for, they have free health care, food, and housing. If the death penalty was used more prevalently maybe some criminals would be discouraged before committing crimes. As more controversies continue to arise questions are being asked about whether sentencing someone to death is another form of cruel and unusual punishment. I believe the punishment for murder should be murder, in a sense it is “an eye...

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