Death Penalty

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  • Published : June 1, 2011
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Thesis Statement: Although supposed as an effective way of fighting crime and criminals, I strongly believe that death penalty is a violation of human rights.

I. Living as a human right like freedom of speech, belief and so on

II. Unfair application of death penalty

III. Death penalty not a more effective deterrent than imprisonment as suggested by supporters of the application


Onur Aydın

Research and Writing Process

Throughout history, people have been fighting against crime and been looking for a way to cope with it. Death penalty is one of the ideas that are suggested and it has been approached with various reactions, which caused a still ongoing debate over its righteousness. To understand the archaic dimension of death penalty, we can note that “the first record of the death penalty for criminal acts can be found in the Code of Hammurabi of Babylon, more than 4,000 years ago.” ( Baker 206 ) Of course, there has not been a consensus over this issue, naturally leading into two groups; those who support and others who oppose. Both groups have their own reasons. Supporters claim that it lowers the rate of crime and is a well-functioning deterrant rather than other punishments such as long-term imprisonment and imprisonment for life. Opponents, on the other hand, suggest that it is a violation of human rights and it is used as an abusive method in racial issues. In agreement with the opponents, I strongly believe that death penalty is a violation of human rights, although supposed as an effective way of fighting crime.

To begin with, every individual is born with equal rights and no one is superior to another. Among these equal rights, the right to live is the most significant. No matter what crime a person commits, he or she still has the right to live as his/her most basic right. These rights that I am talking about are gained after a long and hard struggle and are indispensable for every...
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