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Death Penalty

By | December 2010
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Running head: Death Penalty

Death Penalty
Gabrielle Avery
Barton College

Death Penalty
The death penalty is something that should be based on each particular case. The cases should be analyzed extremely careful when they are considering the death penalty. There are many considerations when applying the death penalty. One situation that would need to be looked at closely is if a person that is mentally ill or has a disability. If a mentally ill person commits first-degree murder, I feel that they should be put in a mental institution for the rest of their life. This is because if they were in prison they would end up being killed by other inmates that are in the jail. If you were going to put them in jail then you should have just gave them the death penalty, so the mental institution would be a better outcome. In prisons, there are people that have money troubles either at home or in their old lives and they may not have the ability to afford a lawyer. The people that have been placed with the death penalty could not afford a lawyer. Those not being able to afford a lawyer are something that should not affect them and they should be given a lawyer. Everyone deserves a fair trial and they should have a lawyer to help him or her in their trial to possibly make their sentence less severe. People that have higher power in the world should NOT get any special treatment with anything in life especially when it comes to the law. If someone with higher power commits first-degree murder then he or she should go to trial as equally as everyone else should. They have the same punishment as any other person that would have to go to trial over first-degree murder. This is such a hard thing to go either for or against. I understand how people who believe it feel and then again I see the side of the people who do not believe in it. The death penalty is something that is hard to grasp but sometimes this is an act that is necessary to do and not only...

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