Death Penalty

Topics: Death Penalty, Crime, Human rights Pages: 3 (788 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Cons of the Death Penalty

The death penalty is a punishment for a criminal offense by death, also called capital punishment. Usual methods of the death penalty include hanging, electrocution, lethal injection, lethal gas or firing squad. The death penalty has been abolished in many Western countries. In the United States of America, capital punishment was effectively in suspension during the 1970s after several rulings by the US Supreme Court. However, today thirty- eight states have the death penalty. The use of capital punishment is a very controversial topic. Supporters claim that such punishment can be deserved and can prevent other crimes from being committed. While opponents state that it is immoral, and it does not prevent other crimes from being committed. Even though many supporters pose some good quality arguments, I myself feel that the abolitionist view contains much stronger backing and more reasons for disagreement.

The first reason why the death penalty should be abolished is because it is immoral. The death penalty is immortal because it is the cruel and inhumane way of taking a human life. The methods by which executions are carried out can contain physical torture. Electrocution has on occasions caused extensive burns and needed more than one request of electric current to kill the criminal. This also goes against Amendment Eight of the Constitution. Amendment Eight states, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” The Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution is used to protest the death penalty. The death penalty is unconstitutional. This cruel punishment can also be considered the coldest, most premeditated form of homicide of all. It does something almost worse than lowering the state to the moral level of the criminal; it raises the criminal to moral equality with the society.

The second reason why the death penalty should be abolished...
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