Death Penalty

Topics: Death Penalty, Crime, Death row Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: September 14, 2008
The Death Penalty is an issue that has been debating for over many years. There are a lot of articles about the effect of capital punishment on the U.S society. However, not all of these articles are convincible. One example of this is “The Death Penalty Hurt Society,” by John D. Bessler. The main point of his article is about how unaffected the death penalty is to prevent crime. Additionally, he brings up some problem with the capital punishment that the U.S has to face such as the conviction of innocent and terrorism. Even though the article seems to have many facts as evidence to support the argument, the author does a very poor job delivering his message by relying on loaded words, pathos, and inductive reasoning. One place that the author fell short is when he uses pathos to support his article. In the first paragraph, Bessler notes, “Indeed, so long as the death penalty exists, there will be men like Anthony Porter, one of many death-row inmates recently exonerated in Illinois alone, who are sent to death row in error” (Bessler 15F). This is clearly the author’s attempt of using pathos to engage people in fear and make them believe that the death penalty could never be a solution to stop crime. However, what Bessler says may not be true. The execution of an innocent is extremely rare. To reach to the final decision of capital punishment, the Court has to spend a large amount of time and effort into pre-trial, trial, and appeal to make sure there is no conviction of the innocent. Another area of this writing that makes the article fall apart is the use of loaded word such as, “Using capital punishment only sends the misguided message to members of society that killing already-incarcerated criminals can somehow solve the problem of violence in American life”(Bessler 15F). In this statement, the author uses loaded word “only”. By using the word “only”, Bessler tries to make people believe in what he says without showing any evidence. Death Penalty is a...
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