Death Penalty

Topics: Death Penalty, Murder, Death row Pages: 3 (1050 words) Published: March 27, 2013
There are thousand punishments to remind criminals for those terrible things they did The laws are made for protect people and country, but more is to let people know the illegal and legal movement. We should punish criminals to let them realize their mistakes and learn a lesson. Laws and punishments are protecting us in the mean time they are teaching us. Death penalty executes criminals ,how can they learn their lesson if they die , what can they do to pay for their mistakes. In my opinion we should abolish the death penalty , everyone deserves a second chance to better their lives. I believe if a person live on the world whatever how bad he is we should give him a light of hope to lead him to a better life, the death penalty is going to end all these possibility he will get in the future , and the only thing he has is despair. People is changeable, those hateful criminals could be good if we give them a chance. It is humanitarianism to abolish the death penalty ,we should respect every life in the world. Are there any innocent people died of death penalty? Yes, there are . ‘’ we are humans and we make mistakes.” ( gray 125) No matter how true the evidences are , still some innocent people died. As the case of Cameron Todd Willingham was executed in 2004 for murdering his three daughters by intentionally setting fire to the family home in Corsicana, Texas. Arson investigators found the conclusive evidences , and Mr willingham maintained his innocence and appealed his conviction for years, but he was executed at the texas state penitentiary in Huntsville on FEB 16 2004. In 2009, Texas forensic science commission panel reevaluated the case and determined that state and local arson investigators used flawed science when they labeled the fire as arson. Because of this a person died with hopelessness, and slandered a murder of three children. There will be more people die as Mr willingham if the death penalty isnot abolish. It is always easy to judge a...
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