Death Penalty

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Carolyn Fouts
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August 7, 2011

Death Penalty Controversies
The death penalty, also known as form of capital punishment has been extremely controversial for many of years. The philosophical and moral arguments for or against the death penalty have remained remarkably unchanged since the beginning of the debate. This issue continuously creates tension in today’s society whether it serves as a justified or valid form of punishment. Regardless, there are always going to be two disputable sides to this argument that are not going to be settled. Crime is an apparent part of society, and every body is aware that something must be done about it. Ancient history dates that the death penalty was widely used, especially by the Babylonians and the Romans. Although in today’s society the death penalty is frowned upon in several different countries. In my personal opinion I believe that the death penalty should be completely abolished. All it is doing is causing more controversies between the United States and other countries, as well as wasting countless amounts of money.

There are innumerable debates of the morals and effectiveness of the death penalty being such a harsh punishment. This is most commonly challenged as a violation of the eighth amendment. The eighth amendment stated that the United States could not use “cruel and unusual” punishment. The death penalty is considered a form of punishment, although it is not unusual because it its long history of being utilized. Even though it is cruel, it is necessary for someone that would commit such ruthless crimes. It portrays and helps demonstrate that criminals cannot get away with their crime, also an attempt to prevent the next criminal from making another unnecessary crime.

Even though the death penalty is looked down upon now days it was widely used in the ancient world. In the 18th century BC, the Babylonians would give people the sentence for about twenty-five...
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