Death Penalty

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Death Penalty
In Taiwan, whether to abolish or retain death penalty was a big controversial question in recent years. The people who consent to abolish death penalty argue that it is an international trend to abolish death penalty because criminals like kill another person should still be protected by the Constitution, but the people who oppose to abolish death penalty believe that Taiwan's judicial system is tolerant enough towards the suspects. Therefore, in consideration of social peace and how the victim’s families feel, the criminals deserve the death penalty and it should not be abolished easily. Five years ago, Taiwan’s Former Minister of Justice did not want to accept the laws to run the death penalty in the death row, and this thing caused big discussion between abolish or retain death penalty. The people in Taiwan think should not abolish death penalty for three reasons: to protect human rights, to abolish death penalty will cause an increase of crime, and to keep death penalty can reduce the social costs. There are three points of human rights about why should not abolish death penalty. First, each one of us is unique and special. Because we are all equal, why should the murderer not pay with his own life when he takes away his victims? People who commit a crime should shoulder their faults and judgment instead of asking for their life rights. When someone is sentenced to death, it means the crime that did is so serious and need to use his/her life to compensate. The pros of abolish death penalty think the death penalty will deprive the right to life of the death inmates, but the right to life of victims and other people should not be ensure? Second, every person has a right to safe living environment. If Taiwan abolishes the death penalty, it may seem that the government indirectly encourages people to kill others because the criminals do not need to pay for what they have done. The sudation will make people live without a peace of mind. The...
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