Death Penalty

Topics: Death Penalty, Crime, Death row Pages: 8 (2240 words) Published: February 22, 2013
The death penalty is unjust and inhumane for nations to carry out. In addition, it is irrational for the United States government to choose to condemn an individual to death. The death penalty should be banned. The main reasons the death penalty must be eliminated is for the inequality of race, gender, and class. The punishment isn’t a crime deterrent, and isn’t cost effective. Also, the potential error within the judicial system with capital punishment leads to the end of an individuals’ life, a punishment which isn’t irreversible were the error to be found. The idea of having a choice to condemn a person to death is barbaric and violates the cruel article in the Bill of Rights.[1] Consider the following example: Gary Graham, a black male, 17 year old was executed on June 23, 2000 for robbery, rape, and the murder of Bobby Lambert, a 53 year old, in 1981.[2] His death believed to be part of the genocide of blacks in America. Errors of the Graham case were the twenty-two other crimes he was accused of, the assumption of the witnesses, and the denied time to determine if Graham should be sentenced to death or put on parole. In the twenty-two crimes Graham was charged for, he pled guilty for 10 cases and crime spree, but pled not guilty for the murder of Bobby Lambert. Acclaimed innocent, Graham fought till his death, pleading the innocence of the many cases he was accused of. His lawyer asked the US Supreme Court, on an act of clemency, to give more time and tried a civil suit which was all denied.[3] More importantly, presidential candidate, George W. Bush, and the Texas governor refused to reprieve the case. Bush’s argument was that the case had been reviewed by thirty three states and federal judges. Another default to the case of Graham was the victims who only spotted 20-30 feet away from the witnesses’ eye.[4] From a face to face line up of the description of the perpetrator, it led to Gary Graham. Two other witnesses were at the scene of the crime, acclaimed Graham not the killer. These two weren’t interviewed in the trials. These errors in the case of one victim are another reason the death penalty is unjust and must be removed. There must be an “end to this cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment” (Support).The legal system is biased towards race, gender, and class of a criminal. Used for centuries, the death penalty is a crucial punishment believed to deter criminal activity. Instead, it’s an action to question the validity and justice. The theory of deterrence is based on the idea that the threat of punishment must be crucial enough to ward off the criminal who would receive the punishment from the crime. However, studies have failed to prove capital punishment deters crimes (ACLU, Death Penalty). Some states believe if a crime isn’t harsh, the punishment shouldn’t be. Although, the threat of capital punishment is supposed to make criminals think about committing a capital crime, the state of Michigan (first state to ban capital punishment) has the same crime rates as Texas. Similarly, in a course of a crime, some individuals cease to think twice. Therefore, the idea of capital punishment is unjust because the legal system does condemn people to death for a murder done in a moment of passion. Race, gender, and class play a role in determining who lives and who dies. The death penalty system in the US is unfair against people of non-caucasian race, where the crime took place, People who commit a crime and have money are more likely to have the best lawyer and statistically do not receive the harsh punishment. The United States claims it’s rid itself of racism, but the death penalty proves it false. Statistically, a white man who murdered a black man is less likely to be on death row than a black man who murdered a white man. (FIT SOMEWHERE ELSE) Similarly, few women have been executed. Out of 1,291 on death row, only 63 were women. Twelve women have been executed since 1976 (Death Penalty...
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