"Death of a Slesman" Willy's American Dream Causing Him to Live a False Life

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  • Published : June 12, 2011
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One's unreachable dream can cause a life of despondent and struggles. In Arthur Miller’s play Death of a Salesman, Willy has difficulty understanding who he is. He is unable to let go of his "American Dream", which leads to him living an illusionary life. Because Willy has a troublesome time understanding who he is, the play demonstrates living a life of someone he is not can lead to a broken family and the destruction of one's self. Willy is unable to let go of his dream and in the process forgets who he is. He wants to live the life of Dave Singleman, an old man with green slippers, because Singleman has an easy lifestyle with wealth and fame.Willy believes he has to be well-liked to be like Dave Singleman and eventually tells lie to his family about being a famous salesman, when the truth is he is barely even known. Willy's lies eventually become reality to him and is slowly starting to forget who he is. Consequently, Willy struggles maintaining a job on commission and lies to Howard Wagner, his boss, to keep the job by stating he was able to earn a hundred and seventy a week in 1928. However, Wagner knew the truth and Willy's foolish lies couldn't save him. Willy's lies can cause his family pain in the long run. Willy was viewed as a great father by his son Biff, until Biff discovered him with his mistress. Biff's hopes and dreams were destroyed by the thought of his father being a philanderer. Willy has also been trying to use a rubber pipe to commit suicide and is discovered by his family. The rubber pipe causes his family grieve because they couldn't picture Willy wanting to take his own life, and his own wife couldn't even confront him. On the contrary Biff confronts his father and tries to abet him to see reality and states " I'm a dime a dozen, and so are you." Although Willy can't come to his senses and stays in a life filled with illusions. Willy can't see reality after living a mythical life, like Dave Singleman, and it causes him to loose...
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