Death of a Salesman V.S. the Crucible

Topics: The Crucible, John Proctor, Tragic hero Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: February 10, 2008
The Death Of A Salesman v.s. The Crucible

In The Death Of A Salesman, the main character, Willy Loman, is a unsuccessful salesman caught up in high hopes for his sons, Biff and Hap, who both also soon become failures. Willy's flaw is that he has filled his sons up with so much hot air that he is not satisfied when they do not succeed, and regrets to believe where they stand in life now, as average men.

Willy's reversal of fortune comes right after Biff's last year of high school. It seems as if all of Willy's family and other problems develop then, and the reason being he has denied his sons fate. Willy salary is cut, and then loses his job. Willy then realizes his flaw. He experiences flashbacks, imaginary ghosts of people in his life or those that have passed, and goes so far as to comptemplate suicide, and even attempt by slowly riding his car off the road.

This part of the story is where the audience starts to feel sympathy for Willy. The audience feels for him losing his job and resorting to suicide to fulfill his dreams for his son. Willy does not deserve suicide, he deserves to have a better profession, like carpentry or a job involving work with his hands. But he accepts his fate, and even after making amends with his son Biff, he follows through with his death.

In my point of view, I believe Willy was a tragic hero. He had his flaw, and received death for it, even if it was caused by himself. Also, Willy's death was both tragic and honorable due to him sacrificing himself to die for his dream and to better his sons. Willy compares to John Proctor in many ways. First, and most obvious, both men are found to be cheating on their wives. Second, both men are working hard with hopes of a better life for their family, until each is stuck with the rebound of their flaws. Both men do not give into their weakness, Willy's being his sons failure, and Johns being his death to oppose accusation of practicing witchcraft, thus concluding that both men...
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