Death of a Salesman Wife Linda

Topics: Human, Ethics, Morality Pages: 3 (1130 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Yolonda easiley
Mr. Phillips
English 1113
July 12, 2012
Evil, Empathy, and the Other
Humans are essentially good, but yet they somehow commit evil acts. How then are humans good? Is it how we feel convicted after the bad deed is done? Or are we just simply evil because it is in our nature to be? In this essay I will give my opinion on the subjects at hand. There is a quote that states “A person is born with feelings of envy and hate. If he gives way to them, they will lead him to violence and crime, and any sense of loyalty and good faith will be abandoned” by Xun Zi, it is normal to having feeling of wrong doing but if you allow it to consume you then you will fall into a more downward spiral of evil acts. Evil is what makes us human, that means that people are not perfect, everyone makes mistakes and that is what makes us human being. Some mistakes people make are more sinister then others. I believe that all humans have evil tendencies it is what they choose to do with those tendency that makes the person evil or good. Being evil does not define us as human beings but what does define us would be learning from our evil doings and making changes were we do not make the same mistakes over and over again. Some humans not all give into the evil tendencies and that is why not all human being are evil because they choose to understand that there evil thoughts are wrong and they resist. Also, a lack of empathy which means a person is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others, is an act of evil. Empathy is detrimental for our society to be understanding and caring of others. Imagine if the world should a lack of empathy, we would all probably kill each other, we would not assist any longer. Empathy is needed so we can have compassion toward another person needs. Some people in this world has a lack of empathy, they are cold hearted to everyone. A lack of empathy leads up to evil acts in some cases, it is like a gateway to...
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