Death of a Salesman Themes and Messages

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Death of a salesman themes & messages

The American Dream is the main theme in the play. Willy Loman is a man who has worked all his life to live comfortably but he barely manages every day. This is a criticism to the idea of the American dream and it shows you that there is no such thing as it and that your life will turn out to be like Willy’s if the Dream isn’t achieved. Another main theme is loneliness. All of the members of the family feel lonely, Willy because nobody wants him, Biff feels lonely because his ideas of a good life aren’t the ones of the people all around him, Linda because she has to care for all of the people in her family and work all by herself (apart from being badly treated by Willy) and I think Happy feels lonely too because all of his family is having problems. Betrayal is another theme because Willy and Biff have disappointed each other. Willy was disappointed because his son didn’t want to live the same life as he had, and Willy had already portrayed the future of his son, so he felt betrayed. Biff was disappointed because of his father’s affairs and the fact that he never shows some respect for Linda, who is his mom In conclusion, there is a criticism of the American dream and it somehow shows how reality is for some or many families that find it difficult to live with each other or with themselves.
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